A novel by Robert Scott*

"Emails From Jennifer Cooper"

A woman who will not be defined by others . . .

     “I can’t say whether the female leaders of the ‘70s and ‘80s intended for me to inherit a world in which I was expected to be a college-educated mother, professional, wife, and comic book superhero. I can’t imagine Gloria Steinem ever wrote a speech hoping that I’d one day have to starve myself after running five miles, cleaning my house, driving my kids around, and hauling a laptop everywhere so I can get work done. She’d be embarrassed if she knew I felt pressure to do it all so I’ll have a tidy McMansion, above-average kids, a fulfilling career, a narrow waist, clear skin, great hair, enviable boobs, a tight ass, and a high rating on the Neighborhood Bitch Squad’s compliance-o-meter. Oh yeah, and an employed, upwardly-mobile, compassionate husband with a flat stomach, decent hair, limitless love for our children, and a genuine desire for me before all other women, Kate Upton included.
     Who decided this was a good idea?”

--Jennifer Cooper

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*Contains adult content. Not recommended for young readers.